France: Giverny

Day 16  Friday, October 10, 2014

Indeed. It is a Pretty as a Picture

We awoke to the sound of the bells of the Chartres Cathedral. How’s that for a lovely memory?


Our charming French hostess brought breakfast to our room and it revealed that she is not only a talented decorator, but also a great cook. We had poppy seed madeleines with lemon curd, caramel custard, yogurt with nuts and cranberries, apricot and apple compote with pepper, and some assorted breads with homemade jams. (We didn’t eat lunch today.)


We headed north to Giverny. Yes, it’s a touristy village, but one look at Monet’s willows and water lilies and you get weak in the knees. It was really is as pretty as a picture.

There was much more blooming in the garden behind his house than we expected. We determined that being a gardener in Monet’s garden would be a top-notched resume item.

IMG_0396 IMG_0436



Our B&B is on Rue Claude Monet and this evening we walked down the street into “town” and had our last galettes and cider of the trip.

Thank you, France!


We sat outside on the restaurant patio overlooking the Seine valley and reflected on this experience. We fell in love with Normandy, were delighted by Dinan, fascinated with Loire, stunned by Chartres, and captivated by Monet’s garden. There were no regrets, no we-should-haves, and no “if-only” moments. We head home tomorrow with more memories than we can ever count.

Thanks for traveling with us and please excuse us if we stare into the distance every now and then as French Frolic thoughts reemerge.


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